Dwarf Baby Bok Choy Harvest

This is half of the crop. I will use it in a curried veggie dish tonight. It is just moments from the garden and still needs to be washed.


Someday I'll visit ...

Mt. Everest in Nepal.

Front Yard Flowers

A stripey marigold.

White roses.

Another view of the white rosebush.


That's the new-to-us (thrift store) mirror over the demilune chest. The moss in the fishbowl is from Dauphin Island, AL. Click to enlarge the photo.


This One's for Judy

Garliq Restaurant in Keller, Texas near Sprouts Farmers' Market.


Gutter Fence-Box Blooms

It's a thrill to see this pretty, bright bloom. The seeds came from landscaping plants at the entrance to our housing tract.

Purple-Hull Peas Cycle Update

The purple-hull pea shown here (in the third photo, just beginning to show spots of purple) is now completely mature and ready to harvest.

Current Read-Aloud

Another good book of nostalgic family happenings with Ella, Henny, Sarah, Charlotte, Gertie, and little Charlie. This is the third book in the series. We've already enjoyed All-of-a-Kind Family and More All-of-a-Kind Family.


Garden on a Wet Fall Day

The Dwarf Baby Bok Choy is getting bigger. We'll be harvesting soon.

The Scarlet Runner Beans are starting to bloom.

A Scarlet Runner Bean blossom. Click for a close-up.

Purple-Hull Peas Cycle

Green pea pods.

Another green pea pod.

This pod is starting to turn purple.

Eggplant Mykonos

This pretty plateful of colorful veggies will be dinner tonight. I'm making Eggplant Mykonos from Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home. Lots of sunny flavor on a wet and dreary day!

Little White Bowl


My Current Read

Judy and I are reading through the Sigrid Harald mystery series. This is book #5. We've already finished One Coffee With, Death of a Butterfly, Death in Blue Folders, and The Right Jack.


Pink-Eye Purple-Hull Pea Harvest

Before shelling.

After shelling.


Scarlet Runner Bean Bloom

The scarlet runner beans are twining up the bamboo poles. There are already a few blooms! Click on the photo to enlarge.


Fall Garden Photos

Pink-eye purple-hull peas.

Scarlet runner beans. They're growing up the bamboo poles.

A hideously ugly, evil tomato worm destroyed one of my pepper plants! John fed the repulsive thing to his turtles (see them here).

European hot pepper.

Dwarf baby bok choy.

Raindrops on Bluebonnets

Click on photo to enlarge. The bluebonnets are sharing a garden box with my fall crop of dwarf baby bok choy (seen in the upper right).