Haiku Challenge 7

Doctor McDougall
Gives me knowledge for good health
Green veggies thrill me.

(For information on the McDougall Program, a starch-based eating plan for optimum health, visit

Haiku Challenge 6

( image)

Red ripe tomatoes
Tumbled on a clear glass plate
Waiting to be sliced.

Haiku Challenge 5

Six sides, pointed ends
Drops of ice hidden in mud
Arkansas treasure.

Getting Ready for Christmas

John assembled and decorated the tree.

Felt star made by John in preschool.

Seashell angel made by John in preschool.

Paintstick snowman made by John in preschool.

Eskimo ornament was a gift from Bruce's sister Cheryl last year.

Jumbo gilded jingle bell on our front porch.


Lettuce, Peppers, and Tomatoes!

In my late fall garden. Click to enlarge the photos and see details.

I am very excited about the blossoms on my tomato plants. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have garden tomatoes for Christmas?


Haiku Challenge 4

(Country Living photo)

Nine gourds -- rounded, green
Big and small. All in a row.
Plucked from garden vines.

Haiku Challenge 3

Once, during the week-long challenge, Judy and I gave each other an opening line to complete. This was the one I received.

(Country Living photo)

Chopsticks eating tool
On tiny jade butterfly
Contemplate my meal.

Haiku Challenge 2

Texas -- a great state
Cute cowboys and longhorn steer
Perfect paradise.

Haiku Challenge 1

A year or so ago Judy and I had a Haiku Challenge. We each wrote one haiku a day for a week and then shared via the telephone. It was a lot of fun and I've saved them for posterity. Here is one that I especially fancied.

Perry Mason -- aaaaahhh
His dark, sultry eyes pierce me
I swoon. I'm in love.



Planning My Next Garden

I've got both these books checked out from the library right now. I love them and can see a wonderful new garden in my future!

Bok Choy Bees

I let the dwarf baby bok choy go to seed. The bees are happy! Click on the photos to enlarge and see detail.

John on Champ

John rode Champ for the first time yesterday.

Random Fall Photos

Click on the photos to enlarge and see detail.

Left side of foyer as you enter the front door. We recently painted the garden bench black (after months of chipped and peeling yellow). The small gourds in the basket (top left of photo) and the four gilded gourds on the plate (lower left) are from our backyard garden.

A vase full of rosemary. (Sssshhh, don't tell the HOA I'm growing it in the front yard!)

St. Francis keeps an eye on the bees as they buzz on and around the bok choy flowers.

My fence box full of little flowers.

The European Hot Peppers are turning red.

Eye Candy!

So many beautiful colors. Yellows, blues, greens, grays, browns. It really, really makes me want to paint. Too bad this house has no interior walls.


Fort Worth Stockyards

John's school (TX Virtual Academy) had a field trip yesterday at the Fort Worth Stockyards. It was a beautiful fall day -- perfect weather. We watched the longhorn steer move down the street and when the cattle drive was over we met John's two teachers, Mrs. Valdez and Mrs. Franklin.


Sigrid Harald Mysteries

Judy and I finished our Sigrid Harald book club last night. Poor Sigrid! The last book took a surprising twist. I did not get a satisfying sense of closure. Where is Sigrid now? What is she doing? Is she happy? Is she with Elliott?


Fall Riding Lessons

John on Leo. This was the first time the two have worked together.


Current Read-Aloud

Another one set in Wales.


John, Without Braces

The sun was in his eyes. Ignore the squint and look at those beautiful straight teeth!

Fall Garden

Click on photos to enlarge and see detail.

Little flowers in the fencebox.

I trimmed the herb box.

Tomato plant grown from seed.

And another. Too bad it's not spring!

European hot peppers.

Aerial view of hot pepper plant. We have three peppers.

The flowerbed on the south side of the yard.

Our Tuscan Heirloom cantaloupes. We picked and cut open the one in the foreground. It looked liked a perfect mini-melon but had no taste at all.