Scenes from Galveston

We took a weekend trip to Galveston. The weather was perfect. The guys did some surf fishing. Judy and I beachcombed. We were looking for beach glass but all we found was beach plastic and beach styrofoam. Click on the photos to enlarge and see detail.


More shells.

Even more shells. (and Judy's legs in the background)

Judy and I look squinty and frowny because we were looking into the bright sun.

The ferry we took across to the Bolivar Peninsula.

There were many jellyfish washed ashore. Judy's foot is there to show size of jellyfish.

Jellyfish (and those are my toes).

Judy on the beach.

Shoreline view.

Bruce and John surf fishing.

Bruce waving hello from the surf.

Galveston Garden

This community garden was in the historic district of downtown Galveston.

What We're Watching

Judy and I read Larry McMurtry's Horseman, Pass By. Now we're watching the movie adaptation.


Teeny, Tiny Turtles

Aren't they cute? To see more photos, visit John's blog, Wildlife.

Aren't These Tomatoes Just Too-Too?

Sprouts Farmers' Market had cluster tomatoes on special this week for 99 cents a pound. Yellow, orange, or red -- all the same price. So, of course, we got one of each. John and I shared an orange one for lunch; I put my slices on an avocado and spicy sprouts sandwich. It was just too-too! (I read that line in one of the later Little House books. It really grated on Laura's ears.)

I am joining the Friday Inspired By Linky Party at the The Inspired Room. Check it out!

Dinner Prep

We are having stir-steamed veggies in a savory Chinese-influenced sauce, over sesame udon noodles. Watermelon for dessert!

He Can Thump a Good Melon!

John has an innate ability to select a sweet and juicy watermelon. This was our first of the year and we are enjoying it.

Fresh Radishes

Harvested from the garden this afternoon.


Feingold Family Buys Powdered Drink Mix!

We have been a Feingold family for 10 years. We avoid artificial colors, artificial flavors, and petroleum preservatives. So why did I come home with two packets of cheap powdered drink mix? I read a thrifty tip about using the vile stuff to clean out your dishwasher -- just run a cycle with the mix instead of soap. I'm going to try it out.

Read the ingredients -- yellow 5. Eeewwww!

More Radicchio (It followed me home from the store.)

I bought two mesh bags of marked-down produce today, 99 cents each. In one of the bags was a little head of radicchio. I'll use it in a salad tonight and it will be just a memory.


Cantaloupe as Art

Juicy, sweet, and pretty too!


Tomato Seedlings 3

They're growing!

Raindrops on Bluebonnets

Click on the photo to enlarge and see detail.

Even More Spring Garden 2010

The nasturtiums (on the left of the frame) are up. Last year I tried growing them in pots. They never got any bigger than this because the bunny ate them.

Heirloom cantaloupes are up. I saved the seeds from a melon we bought at Central Market.

Green beans are doing well.

Dragon's Egg cucumbers have their first true leaves.

New Garden Hose Hanger

I went to Big Lots today to look for a garden plant hook, hoping to find one to use as a hose hanger. I found what I wanted and got the last one. It works just fine and looks good too! I fancied up the top finial with gold Rub 'n Buff.

A closer look at the finial.

Radicchio Wrap-Up

I used the last of the little radicchio heads for my lunch today. I made spring rolls with shredded radicchio and carrots; I served them (to myself) with a pineapple-chili/soy/lemon dipping sauce.


Perfect Yellow Rosebud

My Yellow Rose of Texas. Keep checking back for more rosebush photos.


What I'm Reading

After reading On the Way Home (in anticipation of our road trip to Mansfield MO) I started The Ghost in the the Little House, a biography of Laura's daughter, Rose Wilder Lane. The first three chapters were very interesting but made many references to Laura's last two books. I set the biography aside and will return to it after I finish these for background info.


A Yummy McDougall-Style Dinner

Seasoned oven fries, chickpea-and-corn patties, BIG salad (with lots of stuff in it).

Anticipating Roses

This will be a white rose.

Yellow rosebuds.

More yellow rosebuds.

Two yellow rosebuds ready to open.

The red flowers that attracted the super-sized swallowtail butterfly.