What I'm Reading

I think it's time to take a trip! I've been (sort of) to Italy once before. We had a layover on our way to Bucharest in 1998. I remember the Rome airport as a very busy, confusing and overwhelming place. I'm ready to brave it again. I really, really, really want to try a wood-fired Neapolitan marinara pizza.

The Countdown is Over!

In September the gang on the McDougall Maximum Weight Loss forum started a year-end countdown, with 100 days to go. Today I put the last sticker on my countdown chart. Goodbye, 2009. Hello, 2010! May the new year be filled with peace, prosperity, happiness and good health for all!

New Year's Garden Dreams

My favorite seed catalog arrived in the mail the other day. What a wonderful way to start the new year; lots to read and think about. How can I decide? I want one of each!


John's Christmas Snowman

Hey y'all! We've got a White Christmas.

The photo above and the photo below show the backyard.

The rest of the photos were taken out front.

Bruce's Braided Christmas Bread

The pastry chef at his work station. A twice-risen, unbaked loaf is at the right of the photo.

Bruce doubled the recipe and made two huge loaves. Here's one, ready to bake.

Out of the oven and cooled enough for the lemon glaze.

The chef with one of the finished loaves. The other is on the stovetop behind him.


Homemade Tortillas

Being a McDougall/Feingold family, we sometimes have limited options at the supermarket (we avoid artificial colors and flavors, petroleum preservatives, other assorted toxic chemicals, and added oils). I make my own multi-grain tortillas. Tonight Bruce and I will have ours with potato/cauliflower curry; John's will turn into a quesadilla. Tomorrow we'll fill them with black beans and salsa.

My Current Read

This is a good one! Judy and I are reading one "class session" at a time and it was hard to stop last night. I'm liking the characters and the situation.


The Real Officer Judy!

Here she is -- Office Judy Benvento of the APD Citizen Patrol. She is also a regular platelets donor, a Weight Watchers receptionist, and a writing class student. She is such an Active Senior. She is my role model. Someday I hope to be like her!


Thrift Store Treasures

Tag reads Smithsonian Exclusive, 100% silk. 69 cents.

Little brass easel.

Very cool glass vase.

Pink Bubble Riser

Upside down.

Rightside up.

Christmas Tree Bowl

Fifty cents at the thrift store Friday.

Tiny Santas in a Christmas Stable

Heeeere's Johnny...

Mug shots courtesy Office Judy of APD Citizen Patrol.

Officer Judy!?!?!

Is this Officer Judy Benvento of the APD Citizen Patrol?

Or could this be Officer Judy?

We don't know because she won't send me a photo. I think she's working undercover and doesn't want to blow her disguise.


Friday Night Movie

Funny movie! We all liked it.

Christmas Lights

It's hard to tell, but the lights were lit. (If you click to enlarge the photo the lights show up a bit better.) Bruce and John did the decorating this past weekend when the temperature was a bit warmer.


Haircut and Necklace

See that pretty necklace? It is a limited edition Jewella Mansfield original!

Necklace detail.

Necklace detail.

Necklace detail. Click on the photos to enlarge.


My Current Read

Another one Judy and I are reading together. Not too far in yet but I'm really liking it. Makes me miss NYC a bit.


White Crockery

Thrift store finds. The bowls are all Homer Laughlin restaurant ware. The rectangular dish is similar, but unmarked.

A Little Christmas Bling

Bought these at the thrift store yesterday (note to self: don't wait until December to look for ornaments at the TS). Put them in the foyer to add a little shimmer and shine.


Tomato Tragedy

Boo Hoo! No garden tomatoes for Christmas this year.

The Ice of Texas