We Are Frozen Again!

All I can say is Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Musical Instruments

In Music, John is learning about the classification of instruments: idiophones, membranophones, aerophones, chordophones, and electrophones. Go to John's homeschooling blog to see more photos.


What I'm Reading

I love Kinsey Milhone and live vicariously through her. Just started this the other night. Judy and I were going to read it together but she is waiting on a copy from her library and I went on ahead.

Current Read-Aloud

Set in Norway during the early days of World War II.

Quilt Blocks

All blocks from


Scrumdiddlyucious (as the Big Friendly Giant would say)

And mighty pretty too!

John's RES

John took this great photo of one of his red-ear slider turtles. Visit his blog, Wildlife, to see more photos and videos and to learn more about turtle care.

This is Moon; he was named because he is perfectly round.


Orange You Surprised!

I cut into two of the bargain-bag oranges I bought yesterday and was surprised to discover I had CaraCara pink navel oranges. They were sweet and juicy and oh-so-good.

For Judy!

Meditations on Design

Meditations on Design: Reinventing Your Home with Style and Simplicity by John Wheatman

I've borrowed this book from the library and am enjoying the photos and text. Mr. Wheatman describes 21 simple design principles that you can use to create a home you love. These 21 principles are grouped into four sections:

Looking Inside
1. Edit what you have.
2. Rearrange things.
3. Make the most of limitations.

Bringing the Outside In
4. Invite nature inside.
5. Let nature and travel inspire the colors in your home.
6. Collect shadows, textures, and reflections.
7. Find a light for every purpose.
8. Build a room outdoors.

Memory and the Things You Love
9. Display the things you love.
10. Invest in quality.
11. Realize that something special is often very simple.
12. Look at the space around an object.
13. Discover new ways to store things.

The Poetics of Home
14. Create focal points for each room.
15. Buy furniture that is flexible.
16. Work with illusion and scale to alter your space.
17. Pay attention to transitions.
18. Plan a kitchen that helps you cook.
19. Design children's rooms to expand with their imaginations.
20. Set aside a place in which to be happy alone.
21. Lean the art of sharing your home.

And, a final note to remember -- A Good Room Is Never Done!

Pema Chodron Explains Maitri

I am listening to Good Medicine, from The Pema Chodron Audio Collection. In it, she explains Maitri -- unconditional friendship with oneself.


Our Current Read-Aloud

This is a fun book. A bit challenging as a read-aloud because of all the made-up words (Swizzfiggler! Pogswizzler! Pifflefizz! Bugswallop! Squibbling and squiddling!) but the BFG (Big Friendly Giant) is quite likable and entertaining.

My New Salt Bowl

I call it my salt pig, though I know it's not truly one. It was $.99 at the thrift store. I think it was chili bowl. The spoon is my mother's sterling silver baby spoon and is about 90 years old.

Here's a real salt pig.

And isn't this one cute?

Glass Vase

$3.00 glass vase from the thrift store. It is filled with crystals we dug up in Arkansas.

Easel and Bouquet

The little brass easel I found at the thrift store displays a pretty note card.

Today's new bouquet.

Bargains Galore at Kroger

Here's my haul from Kroger this morning. Lots of produce markdowns. I got two tubs of organic baby romaine, a large tub of organic baby spinach, one bag of red peppers and another of green, spicy daikon sprouts, navel oranges, sliced mushrooms, mini cucumbers, a lovely bouquet of flowers... Everything was fresh and not-quite at its self-by date. I was a happy shopper.

Whole Wheat Capellini

We have discovered that we like whole wheat pasta, in capellini form. We've tried several different brands, from imported Italian varieties to store-labels, and they are all tasty. What a nice surprise!


Tonight's Movie

One of John's recent Literature assignments was an introduction to Mark Twain's The Prince and the Pauper. We're watching this tonight (with homemade pizza) and will compare and contrast the two versions.


2010 Happiness Project

I will be working on the 2010 Happiness Challenge this year. Care to join me?

Central Market, Southlake TX

We went to Central Market today to celebrate MLK Day. We had lunch at the Cafe then did a little shopping. Such a nice store. I will miss it when we leave TX.

What We're Watching

We've just started the series and have watched the pilot and episodes 1 and 2. We are liking it.


Help for Haiti

Please visit Catholic Relief Services Haiti emergency page.


Bowls of Grape Tomatoes

These were on special at the market yesterday. I bought two containers; can't get enough of the sweet-tart tomatoe-y yumminess.

Citrus Extravaganza

These really are nature's perfect fruit. Sweet and juicy, easy to peel and seedless too! This is our second bag. The first bag was on sale; we paid full price for the second bag because they are totally worth it!

Cuties on the white platter, left; Texas Rio Star grapefruit in the blue bowl, right. Citrus season rocks!


A History of US

John and I are reading through the first book (The First Americans: Prehistory-1600) for his 8th grade History class. So interesting!

And because of the reading, I now want to visit St. Augustine, Florida.