Black Swallowtail Caterpillars

I have a volunteer parsley plant thriving in the largest garden frame, in with the tomatoes, melons and gourds. Yesterday I discovered these two big, beautiful butterfly caterpillars in the greenery.


Glistening Golden Gourds

These are birdhouse gourds we grew in the backyard garden a couple of summers ago. I gilded them with Rub-N-Buff.


Willy and Dudley and Olive and John

Early morning feeding at Haven's Horses. The goat with the long ears is Willy; the brown and white one is Dudley. The black Lab puppy is Olive; the human kid is John. The goats come running and bleating when they see John arrive -- so very cute! (lots of action so it was hard to get a good photo)

Rainbow in the Sky

Never got the rain yesterday evening, but did get some thunder, lightning, and a beautiful rainbow.

Bonus photo: The Greek Dwarf Basil on the front porch is doing well in spite of/ because of the extreme heat.


Super-Size Okra

Freshly picked from the garden. I should have caught them earlier, but they grow too fast!


Bon Voyage, Anne!

Have a wonderful time!

What I'm Reading

Two very different genre, but I am enjoying them both very much.

Intrigue, suspense, and lots of surprises.

I love the imagery of Wilder's writing -- such a simple, clear, and wonderfully poetic way of stringing words.

See the Tree ...

How big it's grown
But friend it hasn't been too long
It wasn't big
The first day that we planted it, was just a twig

John was just a bit taller than the tree when we planted it 2 1/2 years ago. It was a gift from the City of Fort Worth.

What's for Dinner? 6/19/10

The first recipe of our McDougall Quick and Easy Challenge: Louisiana Red Beans

Served over brown rice with hot sauce on the table; a BIG glass of iced lemonade.

Plate of raw veggies (with a garnish of garden thyme).

Homemade wheat bread.

A good solid recipe. I intentionally made it mild (for John); Bruce and I added heat at the table. Next time I would increase the seasoning while cooking.


Random Photos 6/19/10

Pasta Bargain: Big Lots was selling full pound packages of organic whole wheat pasta for $1.25/each. Good deal! I bought 7 packages -- penne, rigatoni, linguini, spaghetti. Now it's time to eat it up.

Little bird in a nest of Arkansas crystal bling.

Baby heirloom cantaloupe. Grow quickly, grow quickly!

What We Read and Watched

For the Library Summer Reading Program. Book first, movie second; liked them both.


What I'm Reading

My new dream house.

Find out more here.


Random Photos

Oregano blossom.

Parsley seed heads.

Heirloom cantaloupe blooms.

Cherries and grapes.