Lotsa Produce!

I made a trip to Sprouts Farmers Market today and came home with quite a haul. There's green peppers; red peppers; yellow peppers; cauliflower; avocados; yellow summer squash; carrots; corn; cilantro; tomatoes; Texas peaches; cherries; blackberries; blueberries; baby arugula; alfalfa sprouts; a cucumber; a portobello mushroom; and a lemon. Much (but, unfortunately, not all) of it is organic. We'll be eating it up in a timely manner, so watch the What's for Dinner? postings.

Oh, and see those nifty non-plastic, reusable, red mesh produce bags? Judy ordered them online and sent me half a dozen to try out. I like them!

Bonus photo! What's for Lunch?

Avocado, capers, arugula, and sprouts sandwich on homemade fatfree, wholegrain bread.

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  1. I'm soooo hungry now soooo your sandwich looks soooo good!

    Love the photos of all the produce. Everything looks fresh and invitingly good to eat!