And Even More Photos!

More DURING of the Great Gutter Fence-Box Project. Correct end caps are on, drainage holes are drilled (by John), soil is in, and seeds are planted. Stay tuned for more updates!

European hot peppers (a free seed packet came with my order from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds).

Two watermelon plants. The plastic collars saved the seedlings from the bunny.

A watermelon plant at St. Francis's feet.

A dish of tiny homegrown tomatoes.

Baby squash.

A brazen bunny in my garden frame!! (look to the left and you'll see an eye and part of an ear)


More Photos

Fence boxes DURING (see the white gutters on the fence in the background?). The gutter end caps didn't work. We'll have to return them and try again.

Dragon's Egg cucumbers are flowering madly.

Baby gourd -- how cute!



It's a Thriller!

Our nightly read-aloud this week. Will it have a happy ending???

A Good Book

I like the diagram of his garden; makes me want one of my own -- just like his. His seasonal to-do lists appeal to my love of organization and routine. I've got the only copy in the the entire Fort Worth library system and it's mine until July 11!


Kenya and Dragon -- Two Weeks Later

Here's Kenya under the kitchen counter.

And here's Dragon.

Thrifty Monday

I'm going to my first blog party, Thrifty Monday, hosted by Rhoda at Southern Hospitality. Here are the treasures I found Friday afternoon at our local thrift store. Follow the link to Rhoda's blog to see lots more.

$1.00 Fishbowl for a terrarium
$ .30 White ceramic bowl (won't it look stunning filled high with olives!!)
$ .50 Blue plate for a scrubbie-holder at kitchen sink

$2.00 Pretty purple glass bowl. My birthstone is amethyst so purple is my color!

$1.00 Telescoping lamp (shade not included) with a two-way setting on the switch.


Late Spring Garden Photos

Pink-Eye Purple-Hull peas. We dry them and eat them at Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.

Fortex green beans, summer squash, and ornamental gourds. There's a pesky wild bunny that's eating the green bean plants. Waskly Wabbit!!

The Dragon's Egg cucumbers are doing well. We have teeny-tiny cukes!

A pot of basil! We had fresh garden basil as a garnish on our pasta last night.

This is the backyard fence BEFORE. Check back soon to see the DURING!


My crop of Dwarf Baby Bok Choy

Seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. Wonderful seeds, wonderful service. The dwarf baby bok choy is even better than the regular kind.


What I'm (still!!!) Reading

Lots and lots and lots of words in this one. 718 pages -- way too many!


A Few Photos

Dragon's Egg cucumbers are thriving behind my garden gnome.

Fortex green beans under the oil derrick trellis; purple hull peas in foreground. The big bush in the background is Parsley-Gone-Wild.

John and Zipper
Rocky Top Ranch, Keller TX
June 2009

Dragon (on left, boy -- a real Spitfire) and Kenya (on right, girl), the two barn kittens we are fostering for a few weeks.


Feingold Program!

Did you know that the brand of ice cream, cookie and potato chip you select can have a direct effect on the behavior, health and ability to learn for you or your children?

Numerous studies show that some of the widely-used synthetic food additives can have serious learning, behavior and/or health effects for sensitive people. The Feingold Program is a test to determining if certain foods or food additives are triggering particular symptoms.

Symptoms of sensitivity to these foods and food additives can include behavior problems, asthma, learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD, developmental delays, irritability, hives, autism, PDD, headaches, bedwetting, ODD, dyslexia, chronic ear infections and eczema, among others.

The Feingold Association teaches people how to find the foods they enjoy, but without the unwanted additives.

Free Introductory Workshop
Thursday, June 25th 2009
7pm to 8:30 pm
Marriott SpringHill Suites
899 Elkridge Landing road
Linthicum, MD (Near BWI Airport)

Sponsored by the Feingold Association of the US