Weekend Viewing

We finished the book last week and watched the animated version over the weekend. We did not like the 70s background music!


Late Summer Photos

The cantaloupe vines are growing!

I love the shape of this tendril.

Cantaloupe blossom.

This is the plant that grew from the seed that came from the Publix freebie we received in Florida in April.

Our bigger melon will soon be ready to pick.

Homegrown Watermelon!

We grew own very own personal-size watermelon.


What They're Listening To

Bruce and John are listening to the 13-tape set of the BBC Presentation of Lord of the Rings. They listen to an hour segment each evening and are very much enjoying it.

What We're Watching



This one is set in Wales. I am ready to take a trip!


Evening Entertainment

Makes me think it's time for a tropical vacation.

John and Cinch

Cinch lives at the riding instructor's barn. He is a well-trained dog.

Cats and Dogs and Horses and Kid

More photos from this morning's barn visit.

John with Cinch and two German Shepherd pups.

John, with Cinch in his lap. Click on the photo to enlarge and see the kitten peeking out from behind John.

Pony and Donkey

Sweet Mama Cat.

With her kitten.

Dad Cat with babies (not all of them are his).

Oodles of Kittens

John and I went over to the riding instructor's acreage this morning. John has bartered manual labor in exchange for a riding lesson. We worked while it was still cool, then visited all the babies in the barn.

Dragon and Kenya, our foster babies from early summer. They've switched personalities. Dragon (on the left) is now a friendly little sweetheart and Kenya (in John's hands on the right) is more reserved.

Dragon's my man!


Sweet baby talk. (This little one is neither Dragon nor Kenya, just another cute Bengal tiger cub,)

This one would follow us out to the field, entwine himself around our legs and be a terribly sweet nuisance. We couldn't take a step without tripping over him.

A crowd of cute kittens.

And another.


Backyard in August

Click on the photo for a closer look. The bunny is in the shade to the right of the gate.

The flowers in my gutter are growing.

The cantaloupe seedlings are getting bigger. The eighth one just came up. I replanted that spot just a few days ago because the first seed never showed.


Next Read-Aloud


Almost to the end and I still don't know!


A Bouquet of Herbs

There's parsley, basil, oregano, thyme, and rosemary -- all just-snipped from our garden. This pretty little bouquet smells heavenly!


Ahoy, mate. Thar she blows!

First we read this book...

Then we watched this movie.

I am naming my car the Pequod and I am gonna get a fat white cat and name it Moby Dick.


Baby Bunny

We found one of the babies close to home, hiding under a clump of dried thyme. John took a couple of photos.

August Garden Photos

Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Pink-eye, purple-hull peas.

Little ornamental gourd.

I collected flower seeds from the landscaping at the back entrance to McPherson Ranch and planted them a few days ago in the second rain gutter. They've come up already. I am eagerly awaiting a flowerbox full of fall color.

Aerial view of canatoupe seedlings. We had a sweet and juicy Tuscan melon a week or so ago and I planted eight seeds; still waiting for the last one to emerge. The paper collars are there to keep the plants safe from the rabbit.

The garden gnome watches over Heatherita, the Mexican heather. Bluebonnets from John's flower bed (which came from seeds given to us by Judy) are growing to the right.

My golden garden angel thinking deep thoughts.

The mom rabbit had dug her nest down beside the front of my herb box.

The baby bunnies left during the night. The nest was empty when I checked this morning.


Baby Bunnies!

The rabbit nest was uncovered while weed-whacking the backyard. We've tried to re-cover as best we could.

A peek at the babies. A couple of cuties, but I really don't want a yard full of rabbits.

Even More Summer Garden Photos

We've had a bit of cooler weather lately and the tomato plants seem to be making a comeback. I am anxiously awaiting a Mr. Stripey. The other two are Golden Girl and a Sweet 100 grape tomato.

The watermelon is getting bigger!

Two white ornamental gourds.

An ornamental gourd. We have a few of these. This one's the largest.