Knobs and Pulls

Master bath.

Kitchen island.

Under kitchen counter.


This one was a surprise. It's hanging over the side of the frame and was hidden under a leaf.

Thrift Store Finds

Crackle glazed ceramic tray.

Liz Claiborne scarf. 100% cotton, 99 cents.


Early Fall Garden Photos

Thyme in the herb box.

Closeup of Dwarf Baby Bok Choy.

A whole-frame view of the bok choy. The bigger plant in the center and the one in the rear right corner are Texas Bluebonnets; they are second generation plants from seed that Judy shared with us. See my green crocs at the bottom edge?

Closeup of the Scarlet Runner Beans.

Garlic shoots. These are also second generation. The original head of garlic was a gift from our librarian.

The Pink-Eye Purple Hull Peas are still going strong.

A little pepper growing on the European Hot Pepper plant. This poor plant suffered terribly through the heat of summer. I would find it all wilted and drag the pot into the house to cool off. It seems to have made a recovery. Perhaps I'll be adding a homegrown hot pepper to our mess of New Year's good luck peas.

Another look at the hot peppers. Seems they'll be round rather than pointed.


Funky Thrift Store Bowl

Found this little glass bowl at Bearly Used for 99 cents.


Our Yellow Rose of Texas

This rosebush is in our front landscaping. We bought it especially to be our Yellow Rose of Texas. Stunning, no?

I Have a Dream...

I just picked up this book at the library. It came in on Interlibrary Loan from San Antonio. It's feeding the fire of my desire. I want an urban homestead!


Late, Late Summer Photos

Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Cute little cantaloupe -- Tuscan Heirloom.

The okra has started to grow again, now that the heat's been turned down.

New scarlet runner beans. It didn't take them long to pop up.

Close-up of the pink-eye purple-hull pea plants.

Another view, from a distance. See the purple-hull pea hanging over the frame? We had a good crop this year and will be enjoying them on New Year's Day. Lots of good luck in homegrown peas!

The flowers in the rain gutter are growing.

Kitchen Cupboards

No knobs here yet.

A knob, but no pulls.

Two knobs above the microwave.



Set in Denmark during World War II.


Thrift Store Find

I found another divided white platter at the thrift store. That makes two. One more and I'll have a collection! This one is holding shredded lettuce, red onion, lemon wedges, carrots and jicama, and black olives. It was the centerpiece of our table and we used the veggies to complete a meal of Island Red Bean tacos.

Current Read-Aloud

This is a good book that we're both enjoying. John said it made him hungry for Jewish food. Makes me wish I lived in NYC a hundred years ago.

We've Got Honey Bees!

See that dark blob on the fence? It's a swarm of honey bees! I've wanted my yard to be a haven for birds, bees, butterflies and beneficial bugs; I think it's happening!

A closer look. You can click on the photo to enlarge it.

My New Bean Teepee; Cantaloupe Vine Photos

I will be planting Scarlet Runner Beans here soon. I envision the teepee covered with lush green vines and vibrant scarlet pods.


Weekend Movie

John and I have read the Jules Verne classic (in English, not French), watched the 1956 movie with David Niven, and now the newer Disney version with Jackie Chan. We enjoyed them all.

Our Green Bean Crop

Here it is -- our one and only green bean! The seedlings started out well but were pretty much wiped out by the marauding bunny. The plant that survived bunny devastation did not produce in the extreme heat of summer. I guess we'll steam the bean and divide it in thirds so everyone gets a taste of the harvest.

Garden Flowers

This flowering plant is in the new flowerbed along the south fence of the backyard.


More Garden Photos

Bee on a cantaloupe blossom.

Tiny cantaloupe!

Our gourd harvest. There are still a few round ones on the vine.


Our Last Melon

We picked the last watermelon this morning. It was the third of three -- two personal size melons and this one.

We checked the tendril before harvesting.

It was sweet and juicy!