Early Fall Garden Photos

Thyme in the herb box.

Closeup of Dwarf Baby Bok Choy.

A whole-frame view of the bok choy. The bigger plant in the center and the one in the rear right corner are Texas Bluebonnets; they are second generation plants from seed that Judy shared with us. See my green crocs at the bottom edge?

Closeup of the Scarlet Runner Beans.

Garlic shoots. These are also second generation. The original head of garlic was a gift from our librarian.

The Pink-Eye Purple Hull Peas are still going strong.

A little pepper growing on the European Hot Pepper plant. This poor plant suffered terribly through the heat of summer. I would find it all wilted and drag the pot into the house to cool off. It seems to have made a recovery. Perhaps I'll be adding a homegrown hot pepper to our mess of New Year's good luck peas.

Another look at the hot peppers. Seems they'll be round rather than pointed.

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