August Garden Photos

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Pink-eye, purple-hull peas.

Little ornamental gourd.

I collected flower seeds from the landscaping at the back entrance to McPherson Ranch and planted them a few days ago in the second rain gutter. They've come up already. I am eagerly awaiting a flowerbox full of fall color.

Aerial view of canatoupe seedlings. We had a sweet and juicy Tuscan melon a week or so ago and I planted eight seeds; still waiting for the last one to emerge. The paper collars are there to keep the plants safe from the rabbit.

The garden gnome watches over Heatherita, the Mexican heather. Bluebonnets from John's flower bed (which came from seeds given to us by Judy) are growing to the right.

My golden garden angel thinking deep thoughts.

The mom rabbit had dug her nest down beside the front of my herb box.

The baby bunnies left during the night. The nest was empty when I checked this morning.

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