Meditations on Design

Meditations on Design: Reinventing Your Home with Style and Simplicity by John Wheatman

I've borrowed this book from the library and am enjoying the photos and text. Mr. Wheatman describes 21 simple design principles that you can use to create a home you love. These 21 principles are grouped into four sections:

Looking Inside
1. Edit what you have.
2. Rearrange things.
3. Make the most of limitations.

Bringing the Outside In
4. Invite nature inside.
5. Let nature and travel inspire the colors in your home.
6. Collect shadows, textures, and reflections.
7. Find a light for every purpose.
8. Build a room outdoors.

Memory and the Things You Love
9. Display the things you love.
10. Invest in quality.
11. Realize that something special is often very simple.
12. Look at the space around an object.
13. Discover new ways to store things.

The Poetics of Home
14. Create focal points for each room.
15. Buy furniture that is flexible.
16. Work with illusion and scale to alter your space.
17. Pay attention to transitions.
18. Plan a kitchen that helps you cook.
19. Design children's rooms to expand with their imaginations.
20. Set aside a place in which to be happy alone.
21. Lean the art of sharing your home.

And, a final note to remember -- A Good Room Is Never Done!

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