Teri and Judy Sharing a Tasty McDougall Meal ...

Teri says: I started my vegan lifestyle for health reasons, then it
moral choice, and now it's just to annoy people.

Cartoon from Dr. Ruth Heidrich's website .

Ten Rules To Save Your Life
1. Eat a diet of fruits and vegetables, preferably organic.
2. Eat them raw as much as possible.
3. Eat them whole, never processed or refined.
4. Emphasize high-antioxidant foods: berries, leafy greens, and add nuts/seeds if losing too much weight.
5. Make your beverage water and/or green tea.
6. No drugs including caffeine.
7. No alcohol or cigarettes..
8. Exercise daily, time and intensity depending on your level of fitness.
9. Sleep should follow natural rhythm with no alarm clocks or other disturbances.
10. Breathe air as clean and pure as possible.

Ruth Heidrich, Ph.D.

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  1. Ha-ha-ha! Love the cartoon! The 10 rules are easy to live by, too.