soft white; pure white
rose beige; taupe
pewter; light gray; medium gray; charcoal; black
icy green; blue-green; duck egg; true green
light teal; dark teal; light aqua; spruce; pine
icy blue; sky blue; powder blue; cornflower
light periwinkle; bright periwinkle; purple
sapphire; dark navy; royal blue; cassis
blue-red; violet; plum
rose pink; purple-y pinks; pink-y purples


  1. Your entire BLOG was so inspiring! There is so much to comment on, but I'm soooo tired right now, what I'd have to say wouldn't make sense. Please forgive me and let me give you my thoughts about your marvelous posts tomorrow. So much better than you-know-who. Profound, insightful, wistful. This to me is what blogging should be all about.
    Good job. Wish I could be there with you. Miss you lots.

  2. Are these Marth Stewart colors? They sound so light & airy & just plain nice. Soothing, know what I mean? I can see why you're inspired by colors; they really can do a lot for a person.