Early Morning Turtle Rescue

Bruce drove off to an all-day class this morning. He called a few minutes after leaving to say there was a turtle at the road's edge in front of the pond at Christ's Haven. He didn't have time to stop but thought John would want to save the turtle.

I got John out of bed at 7:30 (on Saturday!) and we headed off toward's Christ's Haven. John spotted a turtle at the fence that borders the property; I stopped the car, John jumped out, grabbed the turtle, and brought it to the car. That's it in the photo above.

I was a bit perplexed because Bruce had said the turtle was on Keller-Haslet Road and this one had been on Caylor. We decided to drive down the road and around the corner to see if there might be a second turtle in distress. There was -- a humongous alligator snapping turtle. I stopped the car again, John jumped out and grabbed the turtle. He was going to put it in the car but that was one angry dude! John got it over the rail fence and into the pond while I drove on and circled back. (We had stopped traffic for a short time while trying to figure out what to do.)

Here's a Google Image photo that shows a snapping turtle the same size as the one John rescued. (exactly! really!)

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