Random Thoughts

Today I shredded my Make-It-Happen Book. I could not stand the thought of unrelenting positive thinking any longer. There were a few ideas, though, that I hated to lose:

Do not give up or run away from the opportunity to grow.

You're always going to find new things; nothing's ever done.

Baby steps spark miracles.

Every room needs a touch of yellow.

Simplicity - Appropriateness - Beauty
Symmetry - Balance - Harmony
Time - Energy - Money
Luxury - Elegance - Refinement
Interest - Knowledge - Experience

To live in a deliberate way -- savoir vivre.

Simplicity - Class - Grace - Style - Elegance

The ordinary holds no charm.

If you do not change the direction you are going, you may end up where you are heading.

What one can do, I will do.

Intentionality. Mindfulness. Treasure Hunt. Treasure Map. Dragonfly. Waterfall.
Pink Bubble. Illumination. Anticipation. O, the Joy! Bliss. Other Plans. Amethyst.
Seeker. Meaning & Purpose. Goodness & Bounty. Positivity. Open Mind/Open Heart.

The Golden Triangle of Life: Beauty, Truth, Goodness.

Make the best of it -- and be thankful.

Nature is extravagant with color. Why shouldn't we be?

McDougall Zen in 2010.

I have faith in a good outcome.

This is not forever. This is just for now.

My McDougall-style diet is compassionate, ethical, pure and healthful.


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  2. I like your thoughts. They make me think of a saying, corny as it may be: "Let go, let God." And as you said, "This is not forever. This is just for now." It's hard getting rid of something that played a BIG part in your life, but perhaps this is your 'moving on' chapter of your life.