Hobbies That Don't Require a Lot of Stuff

1. Reading
2. Listening to music
3. Watching movies
4. Walking
5. Gardening
6. Teaching self to draw
7. Journaling
8. Writing haiku
9. Meditating
10. Crossword puzzles
11. Sudoku puzzles
12. Theater-going
13. Digital photography
14. Blogging
15. Learning a foreign language
16. Coloring with colored pencils
17. Finding and standing on latitude/longitude lines
18. Geyser gazing
19. Spiritual retreats
20. Urban exploration

Any other ideas?

1 comment:

  1. Good hobby ideas! :*)
    How about yoga (good for the body and the mind) or Boggle? Depends on where you live, but walking on the beach? Shelling? Collecting beauty from nature? (Things already on the ground!!!) Having a pen-pal?
    What would Laura have done?