Thrift Store Treasures 5/31/10

Thrift Town, one of our favorite local thrift stores, was having a big Memorial Weekend sale -- 30% off everything. Here's what we found:

Ann Taylor scarf, 100% wool, made in Italy. 69 cents!

Shirts for Bruce. They're hanging in the sun to get rid of the dryer sheet smell. Peee-ewww.

I'm trying to replace the plastic in my house. This wooden tray works well in a kitchen drawer. 69 cents.

Metal tray. 69 cents.

Heavy glass vase. $1.30. It's filled with parsley seed heads from the garden.

The small plates in upper left were from a previous shopping trip. 29 cents each. The petal bowl was 35 cents; the plates in front were 20 cents each.

This wooden lazy susan (made in USA) was from a different store that Judy and I visited while she was here. It was $2.00. Bruce scraped off the old varnish and oiled it. It is solid and turns smoothly.

Judy brought the milk glass compote with her as a hostess gift. (Thank you, Judy!) It was the start of my milk glass collection. She bought the little bowl for me at the thrift store we went to together.

Detail of milk glass bowl.

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  1. All your finds look fabulous! I LOVE your scarf and what a deal! It's funny how thrift stores in different parts of the country offer different things. You'd think people would get rid of the same kind of stuff.